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About Me - Beth Sutton

Hi!  I'm an Army veteran, Penn State graduate, mother and wife. I have been active my whole life whether it was road/mountain biking, trail running, CrossFit or yoga.  I started doing yoga in my early 40's and wondered why it took me so long to add it into my workout/recovery routine.  


Two years ago I decided to take the leap and attend yoga teacher training.  After practicing for 15+ years I wanted to share my passion with others.  


Now that I have completed over 400 hours of yoga teacher training and am a certified Yoga instructor, I decided to open up a my yoga studio, Life Is Good Yoga.  I love to teach and help others work on their mobility, balance and mindfulness. 

Most recently I have added Thai Bodywork to my resume as well.  With some help from Kahla Marla at KahlaLove Bodywork I'm now offering up this service.


I feel I'm living my best life

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